Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How to get free recharge 10 rupees. & 50 rupees Paytm cash every hour

Paytm cash RS.50 rupee every hour free
& also 10 rupees mobile recharge free......💰

  1. Requirements ......
  2. Click here to download the app now
  3. Flik after the installation signup your Paytm/any mobile number inserted in your device
  4. And then continue after automatically verify account
  5. Then you got automatically 12 rupees
  6. Update your profile you also got 2 rupees
  7. Next play the quiz 20 question right answer you will get 50 rupees Paytm cash on Paytm account
  8. Only my link downloads get 10
  9. If you download personally you will not get 10 rupees try your friend mobile number and see what happens...?
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